The following frequently asked questions are addressed. Please scroll down to find question & answer below.


What format is required for an abstract / initial paper / final paper?

Please refer to the paper submission guidelines. Please note: EuMW review is single-blind as e.g. for EuMA or IEEE journals. Please don't remove author names and affiliations from the manuscript.


I found an error in my manuscript. How can I correct it?

  • If you found a minor error (e.g. typos, add/remove authors or affiliations, changes in the paper title):
    • Prior to the paper submission deadline, please log in, go to "view submitted papers/sessions" and edit the respective submission.
    • During the review period: please be patient. Minor errors should not impact the review result. We will also not forward updates to papers to the reviewers.
    • Prior to the final paper submission deadline: Please correct the error in the final paper.
    • After the final paper submission deadline: We move forward quickly to the production of the electronic proceedings. The company in charge will contact you to proofread the final PDF. That's your final chance for corrections. A paper processing charge might apply at this stage. Please note that these changes are too late to be included in the program that is published on paper or electronically.
  • If you found a major error concerning the scientific content of your paper:
    • Prior to the paper submission deadline, please log in, go to "view submitted papers/sessions" and edit the respective submission.
    • After that date, contact us to withdraw the manuscript. Please understand that the high workload and strict time schedule of the technical program committee requires us to review only the manuscripts that are received upon the deadline in the form they have at this date. Please contact us early since reviewing a flawed paper, processing it in case of acceptance, and removing presentations from the program increases our workload.


I want to withdraw a submission

Please note that you can't delete a submission once it was completed by the upload of a PDF. Please contact us as soon as possible, and we do it for you.


Will there be a deadline extension? Can I submit a late paper?



Can I publish a preprint / publish the paper on my university server?

The status for EuMW2017 is the following: By submitting your manuscript to EuMW, you agree to the statement of exclusivity: "Neither this material nor essentially similar material has been submitted to any other publication or meeting, and, in case of acceptance, will not be until published at the European Microwave Week 2017." Preprints are not possible

In case of acceptance, it is mandatory to transfer the copyright to EuMA. If you wish to provide your paper e.g. for download from your university server, you need to request the permission. A short email to the EuMA HQ is sufficient. Please don't forget to give the citation.


What is the status of my paper?

Authors will be informed about the review results on the day published in the Call for Papers. No individual status updates will be given prior to that date. After this day, please log in, go to "view submitted papers/sessions".


A paper is not listed in my account!

No problem! It can happen that you don't see all papers that were submitted by someone else.

  • For privacy reasons, the system will not reveal your personal data to any other person. If you are the co-author of a paper, or your paper was submitted by a colleague, they can't access your account.
  • The system allows you to open many independent accounts as long as you chose another username.

We will manually merge accounts refering to the same person, and all your papers should show up in your favorite account one after the other. Your username and password is not affected. As this is is done manually, please be patient!


My paper was rejected. Can you tell me why?

As a general rule, we do not provide feedback on rejected papers. Please keep in mind that EuMW receives about 1000 manuscripts that are reviewed on the highest professional level within a very short time frame. Based on these reviews, a decision is made after a detailed discussion on the individual manuscript by experts in the field at the TPC meeting. Writing helpful and respectful comments to the authors of rejected papers would significantly increase the workload on the Technical Programme Committee. Since a conference doesn't allow for revise-resubmit as it is possible for a journal, the comments would also be of limited use.

Rejection of a paper may be for a number of reasons other than originality and quality of the content, including suitability for presentation at the conference, incomplete information, interest to the microwave community, more suitable for presentation to a different audience or more appropriate for submission to a journal.


I am not happy with the review decision. Can you revise it?

Unfortunately not.

Concerning rejected papers, we respect the decision of the Technical Programme Committee. As this is a conference, we have no possibility to revise and resubmit followed by a second round of reviews.

Concerning accepted papers, please keep in mind that organizing a conference of 600 contributions is tedious. Once the program is finalized and published, we try to keep it as it is.



I see no papers in my account!

Why do I get a separte reviewer account?

The system allows for multiple accounts per person. When we set up all the reviewer accounts, they will be independent of possible accounts that were created by authors. However, we will merge accounts in the background that obviously belong to the same person. After some time, everything should be accessible from each of your accounts. As this is a manual task, please be patient!


I have a conflict of interest for a paper

You should not review a paper in case of a conflict of interest. E.g., if you are an author, working with the same group or are otherwise personally involved in the work. The system will not assign papers for review to one of the authors, but we can't catch all cases automatically beforehand. If there might be a conflict of interest concerning one of the papers, please notify your SC chair or the TPC chair who will assign the paper in question to another reviewer.


I would like not to review a certain paper

Where is the abstain button?

If you can't review a certain paper, e.g. because of a conflict of interest, since it is absolutely out of your area of expertise, or since you are running out of time, please abstain from the review.

Indicate your abstain by selecting "abstain (I will not review this paper)" on the score sheet under the category "Suggested Disposition". Don't forget to save your abstain at the bottom of the page.


How to finalize my reviews?

It is not necessary to finalize reviews. All scores that are entered into the system at the end of the review period will be taken into consideration.


Do I need to write comments if I recommend the rejection of a paper?

Yes, please! We will not forward the comments to the author in case of rejection, but comments on papers are valuable input for the TPC when they discuss the outcome of the review and decide on acceptance or rejection. Writing comments is appreciated independent of whether you recommend acceptance or rejection of a paper.

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